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Having Your Own Vision In Sight

When it comes to creating a better version of yourself, the most important thing to have is a vision. Think big, think small. Think about how you’d imagine yourself a little further down the line. If you don’t have a vision or a goal, be it short term or long term, you may find it difficult to keep up the training. A vision can be anything from how you’d like to look a year from now or it can be something much simpler, like wanting to fit into an item of clothing you’ve always wanted to wear.

If it drives you, it’s a good vision, and it’ll keep you going through the hard times. Having a vision keeps us focused on why we’re making these changes to our lives in the first place, we all made a choice, we all visualise the end product and where we’d be, and that is what we’re all training for. Having a vision also helps you recognise your progress along the way, which is a massive boost to anyone who is training and is huge form of motivation. If you can recognise your progress it means your vision is working and you’re a little closer to where you want to be, making you feel a sense of pride and achievement.

If you see yourself in the future a stronger, better you. The body will follow what the mind tells it. Progression, achievement, wellbeing, and happiness and so on, it all stems from having a vision. A vision that you created in your own mind, a vision that will keep your head held high in times of hardship. A vision that will see you through to the end of your goal and beyond!

With the 12 Week Bitesize Challenge well underway, we could not be prouder of everyone who is taking part and smashing the weekly challenges. With your vision and determination to complete each challenge week by week, your already on the path to reaching your goals. During the course our challengers are starting to see and feel changes, they are also learning healthy changes to their lifestyle- it’s all part of the process. Let these changes motivate you and use it as visual proof that all the hard work you’re putting in is really paying off because remember….It is all because you put into action your vision for a better you. YOU are going through the motions of training and YOU are eating a healthy balanced diet. So keep that head held high, keep your vision in mind and in sight…. and keep grinding hard. Happy training everyone!


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