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Bitesize Bootcamp



Bitesize Bootcamp offers Bootcamp inspired fitness sessions, on site at your location run by qualified Physical Education teachers and experienced Bootcamp coaches! 


At Bitesize Bootcamp we offer tailored, fun, exciting and challenging sports and programmes for children aged 3 to 16 years, all fully risk assessed. We provide Schools, parents and children with programmes designed to develop the physical, emotional and social well being. Before, during and after daytime education in the school environment, in gymnasiums and at home.


There is increasing emphasis on physical activity and the benefits which are derived from promoting active and healthy lifestyles for children. Research has identified the link between improved physical activity and improved educational attainment in children, as well as, of course, improving fitness and being great fun.


Our qualifications and benefits include :-

Fully Insured

Risk Assessment Certification

First Aid Certification

Qualified Bootcamp Instructor

Qualified Personal Trainer's 

Former Head of PE

Fully Qualified PE Teacher / Teachers

Coaching Qualifications 

Safeguarding Level 1 & 2 

All of our staff are fully DBS checked


If you are interested or merely want to learn more about how we might help you, either at school or in any of the gymnasiums we support, or in classes at any location, please contact us on : or 07495772475



“I have always been passionate about exercise and fitness ,and I know from personal experience how maintaining and improving my fitness can help me with both academic study and general all round well being.

I want to inspire children to want to achieve more both physically and in life itself.

I have always been enthusiastic about sport , this led me to the Football scholarship in the USA , and to coaching in Australia and eventually into teaching PE at Highfield Priory School in Preston. When I started my early morning exercise club at Highfield I found that the fun and energetic sessions were full. The children came early to school,  the parents were early, we had fun and the children started their day enthused and happy. This was when I decide to develop the Bitesize Business further”.


Ruth McShane (Director)

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