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How long is a session?


45 minutes -1hr max depending on your school’s timetable, opening and closing times.

For staff, parents and business also- 45-1 hr, whatever your busy schedules will allow.


Do I have to attend all sessions?


That’s the ideal situation to get the most out of our programme and deliver participant’s progression. Of course, circumstances arise which might cause participants to miss a session but we want you there every week! Sessions are paid for termly/ weekly. (There are no refunds on missed sessions but there will be opportunities to catch up on whatever you have missed.)


How much does it cost?


For school sessions we take payments at the beginning of each term. £6/7 per pupil per session depending on your location.


How long does each programme last?


The programme will run throughout the academic school year. We will run sessions weekly over the 3 terms for businesses and schools, this ranges between 9-12 weeks per programme. (We also provide sessions and camps over the holidays. )

For our parent, corporate and weekend sessions these will run these continuously throughout the year!

We tailor our sessions to suit your school, business, family and individual schedules!


Do I have to be fit to take part?


Not at all, our programme caters for all abilities with realistic and achievable fitness goals for all. With experience in the field we take great care to provide appropriate instruction to participants of all abilities, taking into consideration age, fitness and ability.  Any illnesses or medical conditions must shared with Bitesize Bootcamp on the sign up forms and directly to the instructor. Participants with asthma and joint issues or injuries can participate under the supervision of the qualified and trained instructor and all inhalers must be brought to every session. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to make sure the inhaler is with the participant.


What Qualifications do we have?


  • Fully qualified PE Teacher (SCITT TRAINED)

  • Ex Head of PE

  • Certified Bootcamp Instructor

  • Certified Mega Band Instructor

  • Essential and Basic First Aid Qualified

  • AED Defibrillator Trained

  • Level 1 Safeguarding

  • Fire Safety Awareness Training Complete

  • Risk Assessment Training Complete

  • Level 1 Hockey and Netball Coaching Award

  • Swimming Instructor Award and Lifeguard Training


Do we have insurance?


Outside of the school’s own insurance for having contractors in the school.

We are we are fully covered to run Bootcamp Fitness Sessions for children and adults participants of any number. The absolute maximum we will take in any one session is 30.  Some of the areas covered in our policy are injury, equipment damage/theft and public liability.

We are also fully insured for our Bitesize Battlefield Obstacle Run that will take place for participants termly upon completion.


How many participants per session?



We work on a ratio of 1:30 max this is outlined in the parent sign up letter and in the agreed contract with each school, Headmaster or Headmistress. We have experience in managing small groups within this number of participants and believe it to be the most beneficial for the participants and ideal for partner work.


Do you need to provide Bitesize Bootcamp with any equipment?


On the whole we have it all in our Bitesize vehicle and bags-there may be occasions we may need to borrow some extras from your PE store-with your permission of course!


What facilities do we require?


We need an indoor sports hall or space that is available each week. If you have an outdoor space that is brilliant, but we always need a backup indoor space just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Where will the Bitesize Obstacle Run be held?


We have a location secured 10 minutes outside of Preston and are in the process of gaining planning permission for our course!

This will be a fixed location so that we can offer sessions to businesses, parents and participants on the weekends and have a home for our muddy run!


Are the Bootcamp Sessions military style?


Aspects of the sessions will be but on the whole NO. They are child-friendly, and have been adapted to match varying ages and abilities, all the equipment used has been purchased and tailored to the needs of our Bitesized participants.


What happens if it rains?


We get wet!! Children must make sure a towel is brought and that school uniform is in a bag ready to change into after a session. If indoor areas are available, we will adapt and move indoors if needed.


What do participants need to bring to each session?


Participants should arrive in school PE kit ready for Bootcamp! Their uniform must be with them plus a towel and a bottle of water. Participants will get changed in an area on-site agreed by the school and timed by instructors so that they are changed and not late for registration, lessons or after-school pick-ups!


What documentation needs to be signed?


All participants of any of our sessions must have completed our disclaimer. Click here for more info.


How do I book a session?


Follow our step by step guide on how to book one of our Bitesize Bootcamp sessions here.




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