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Forest School Sessions 


Forest School is a learning approach based on a Scandinavian outdoor education model. It has spread across the UK over the last 20 years and encourages exploration, risk-taking and learning new skills.


The Forest School Association (FSA) has defined 6 key principles which differentiate it from other types of Outdoor Learning.


  • A qualified Forest School Leader runs sessions

  • All sessions are child-centred

  • It takes place in a natural environment

  • There is a focus on the areas of holistic development of the individual

  • There is an element of suitable risk involved

  • Forest School takes place regularly and over a long period of time

more details on these can be found on the FSA official website 


Key benefits of Forest School are improvements in children’s physical and mental health, self-confidence, emotional literacy, social skills and self-esteem. Children who may struggle in a formal schooling environment find somewhere they can flourish and succeed altering their perception of their own abilities and skills. Forest School offers unique opportunities and resources that encourage children to be creative and allow them to take ownership of their learning.

Some of the exciting safe Skills that get covered throughout our programme:

Wood Chopping
Firemaking and campfire sessions
Insect identifying 
Den Building
Hammock Making
Axe Handling Skills
Scavenger Hunts



Our forest school programme has run for over 3 years gaining momentum with an excellent reputation with Felix as the FS Lead. We aim to create a non-judgmental fun environment where children can be themselves and not have to worry about the pressures they may face outside of sessions. Children have opportunities to be highly active and gain lots of new skills independently. We work together as a group to prepare campfire snacks and to achieve shared goals, like making small fires without adult assistance. If learners have had a challenging day, there are lots of ways to help, such as relaxing in our hammock, getting lost in activity by themselves, socialising with friends, or blowing off steam by joining in with a variety of games. 

BSBC forest school sessions adopt a relaxed learning approach heavily dependent on the great British weather, we programme our sessions for the term but they do change from time to time depending on what grounds we are delivering on. This is the beauty of this holistic approach to learning for children, that we adapt to the pupil's learning styles and the environment around us. 

What is unique to this programme is we incorporate some forest school fitness elements into the learning to get the children active whilst holistically learning, as well as helping release some added endorphins to their system whilst developing an understanding of healthy bodies and minds for improved wellbeing. 

Example Session

We offer a wide range of settings and can create bespoke sessions based on specific group sizes and needs.

Where Forest School sessions fit in best and have the most impact have been group settings such as; 1-1, small ratios (maximum 15 children to one leader), intervention groups for SEND, and 1 off-class wellbeing session with school staff.

An example of a potential session timetable (subject to change):

  • Arrival - putting belongings safely away

  • Introduction - If new group who we are, general housekeeping (toilets etc), how sessions run, 3 rules (look after yourself, looking after others, look after the environment).

  • Introduction of new element/activity learners can interact with that session

  • Group game

  • Free play

  • Free choice of activity - can choose past activities if resources present

  • Campfire snack

  • Reflection on session

  • Exit- retrieve belongings and go home


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