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Introducing Ryan...

Well it’s finally arrived, my journey of helping children and adults reach their fitness goals and

beyond has started. We start with the return to school, after a very long and very hot summer we

return back to school to our new classes and to see our friends again. As an ex teaching assistant I

think the first day back in school is special for every child, meeting your new teacher, being a year

older in the school hierarchy, a new classroom to learn in. It’s all very exciting! I believe that a strong

start to the school year sets the pace for the rest of it.

My aim at bitesize bootcamp is to give children the best possible start to their childhoods, help

them make great memories and keep their fitness levels at a decent level ready for future life. With

the adults though it’s a little different as their childhoods are in the past, I aim to target their future

and how they’re going to be feeling both physically and mentally. Our classes our challenging yet

fun, they will help you become stronger and hopefully relieve a little stress from your work life, and

stress is easy to come by with the rushing of back to school life where I’m sure many of us have

enjoyed countless lazy mornings during our summer break. Now were faced with early starts and

school runs before entering our own work place. So we aim to bring the stress levels down by

putting you all through your physical paces. It has been proven that the mind relaxes after an hours

exercise, making your thoughts clearer and becoming more productive overall.

With summer now over and winter well and truly on its way, it’s that time of year again where every

day chores such as taking the bins out, hanging the washing on the line and even walking to your car

in the morning become an even bigger chore in the cold winter climate. The very thought of putting

more than 2 layers on is mentally exhausting. Whereas most dread the cold mornings, I see it as a

great opportunity to really test ourselves. Yes it is much harder to get up in the morning of the

winter with it being still as dark from the night before and about 19 degrees colder than our summer

mornings, but however if you start as you mean to go on it will only get easier until it becomes

routine, making you more resistant to the chilling winter breeze. Once you’ve concurred the cold

and embraced it as part of your daily life, training in it will become a pleasure. What’s important to

remember is that by training in the cold outdoors will only make a tougher more robust version of

you! So this message is this. Use the cold as your winter motivation to become stronger, to carry on


This will set yourself up very nicely for the lighter nights to come. I believe the winter brings out the

best of peoples training as once you’re smashing your session it becomes very enjoyable and we also

burn more calories training outside in the cold as the body will naturally try and keep itself warm

even without you doing some sort of training.

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