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Spring Has Sprung

Spring is well and truly in the air, and at bitesize we couldn’t be happier about it! Lighter nights, longer days and most importantly. Warmer weather… well maybe that’s a little hasty, but the temperature does tend to creep up a little which is always good. There’s always big excitement when spring arrives, (mainly because we’re all looking forward to summer so much) because when the suns out everyone is in a much happier mood and it makes the day so much more enjoyable in comparison to a wet, cold and rainy day. However when the sun comes out and the warms rays hit our skin for the first time in 5 or so months, some people begin to panic, because they’re not in the shape they desire to be for the summer it’s almost as if the warmth of the sun is an alert that we must do more. This normally causes an overreaction in terms of training and eating/not eating.

So in this month’s blog we’d like to talk about trusting the process. Even though summer is around the corner and you may have a lovely holiday booked that you want to look and more importantly feel good for, we can’t stress enough that overworking with exercise, and eating next to nothing will make you regress rather than progress. So if you feel it’s too late, it’s certainly not. By placing your full trust in the process it will have your mind at ease, you will have a structured workout and eating plan, your goals are set and the results will come in, be it weight loss or losing inches on your waist, thigh etc. Plus there’s no better motivation than seeing/ feeling results to make you even more determined to trust the process and even work a little harder but not overdo it.

Getting back to the warmer weather. Use the warmer, longer days as an added motivation to help you strive to reach your goals. Use it to your advantage as best you can. For instance, now the days are lighter for longer. Why not walk to work or cycle? (If it’s not too far of course) that could be your added super spring supplement which will give you an extra boost in adding you to reach your goals. Research suggests that you’re far more likely to have a more productive day if you do some sort of exercise in the morning. This includes walking to your place of work. If it becomes part of your daily routine, then without really thinking about it or planning it you’re already getting yourself active and starting the day on a very positive note, even if it’s a rest day. The spring time provides us with so much opportunity to get more active and help us trust the process. Things like weekend walks, morning runs, family days out and about. It really does all add up in helping us reach our goals as we generally feel better about day to day life when we can start to add all these nice extra moments to our weeks. So the message for this month is continue to place your trust in the process, work hard, and enjoy the warmer weather. The bitesize challenge fitness testing day is only around the corner. So keep up the good work everyone, we know you will all improve from when you first started.

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